Control of brand presence in more than 20 countries


Client: Jägermeister

With a presence in more than twenty countries, Jägermeister (Hunt Master) is the liquor sold by the most exported company of the same name in Germany. It is among the ten best-selling premium drinks worldwide; It reached a high consumption in the United States, especially in the 80s and 90s. It is a herbal sweetened bitter liquor that is taken alone or used in a variety of preparations.

Need and challenge

An important part of Jägermeister's marketing efforts seeks to strengthen the brand presence in the different channels where it is developed, while taking care of customer satisfaction; however, historically this has been quite an arduous task, since the distribution is registered in more than one hundred countries in both on and off trade contexts. The latter has increased the need to boost product control in all latitudes to guarantee the achievement of objectives that, on the one hand, focus on business profitability and, on the other, on the consumer experience.

Consolidating the information that was originally generated on platforms deployed in different countries, with the activity of almost a hundred users and low systematization, has been the most relevant challenge to solve with the support of Wundertec as a technological ally. Added to the above is the need for monitoring and control of commercial management from the German headquarters, where the cardinal strategies for brand positioning are established.

The solution to control brand presence

Given the high competition in the beverage market and the inertia of the digital transformation, it was considered necessary to develop a solution. A solution in the mobile and desktop versions that centralized all the information generated in direct consumption channels, such as bars and nightclubs. And even those that are not necessarily linked to the consumption of liquors, such as events and supermarkets.

The development meets the requirements associated with customer management, including the automation of the agenda and geolocation; the evaluation of the sales force; stock management; supply and demand; merchandising, as well as brand events and activations at different points of consumption. It supports the work of users located in Germany, Argentina, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, Panama, Peru and Uruguay. In 2020, users will join Namibia, Dubai, South Africa, China and other countries in the Middle East and Africa.

In order to ensure the sale of the product in the correct way, the system even supports loading data on the temperature of the beverage to assess its condition, as well as a variety of additional data to establish indicators and delve into the analysis of the business.

As it is an AWS-based development, the Amazon cloud, updated information can be accessed in real time from any geographical point. For its part, the visualization occurs through dashboards or easily manageable and customizable dashboards that can run on any operating system.


Once the solution was launched, which took approximately eight months to develop, Jägermeister has managed to significantly control the presence of the brand in most of the points where it is present. To date, there are more than three high-impact versions and more than ten versions due to updates and workflow improvements these have permitted. Based on the technological principle of the unification of information, to generate useful knowledge for the business, boost competitiveness and redefine tasks focused on satisfaction and positioning.

Technology Alliance

The relationship between Jägermeister and Wundertec dates back to 2014 when solutions tailored to the liqueur's business needs began to be developed, with an emphasis on the commercial and marketing areas. For the project associated with this success case, Wundertec as a technology firm was evaluated among a variety of software developers located in different parts of the world, being selected from the Jägermeister headquarters in Germany.